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  • Bob Retires
    Bob Brown has resigned as Leader of the Australian Greens and retired from the Senate.

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Recent News


Provisional Senate result in Western Australia

02 Oct 2013

Scrutineers have identified the result may have come down to a 14 vote margin and will likely require a recount before the final result is known.

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WA Business, Bob Brown and the Greens stand up for the clean energy economy

04 Sep 2013

Greens Senator for WA Scott Ludlam, former Australian Greens Leader Bob Brown and NZ Greens spokesperson for Energy Gareth Hughes MP united with key members of the WA renewable energy industry today to warn against an attack on renewable energy policy following Saturday's Federal election.

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World Heritage Antarctica: new book illustrates icy splendour

15 Jun 2012

The greatest natural heritage property left on planet Earth is being denied its rightful place on the list of World Heritage properties, Australian Greens Senator for Tasmania Bob Brown said today.

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