A new green economic future

21 Sep 2011 | Bob Brown

The gap between Australia’s rich and poor is growing and our long-term prosperity is being undermined.

Foreign-owned mining companies are exporting billions of dollars in profits from our shared mineral resources, but Australian taxpayers are missing out on their fair share of the boom.

The big banks are giving their executives multimillion salaries and payouts while the average Australian pays around $400 in unnecessary bank fees every year.

However, there is some good news: as of July next year, the 500 biggest polluters in Australia will start paying for the cost of their pollution, though Tony Abbott would still prefer that you, the Australian taxpayer, pay the big polluters to stop polluting.

In the lead up to the government’s Tax Forum next month, we need to make sure the Australian economy is fairer, not least for small business, and that it is serving the needs of everyday Australians now and in the long-term.

That’s why the Greens are charting a new green economic future for Australia, including:

  • A proposal that Australia supports global moves to introduce a 'Robin Hood tax' - a tax of 0.05% on speculative international financial transactions to alleviate global poverty.
  • A price on pollution from July 1, 2012 – paid by the 500 biggest polluting companies in Australia, with the revenue returned to households and to invest in clean energy projects. If companies pollute less, they pay less.
  • Treasury’s original mining tax– which would ensure Australians get a fair return from our shared mineral wealth. The Labor government’s watered down mining tax will see ordinary Australians lose out on $100 billion in revenue that could be used for services and infrastructure.Tony Abbott's plan would lose up to $140 billion by levying no tax at all.
  • A 5% tax cut for small businesses to replace the 1% tax cut for big business.
  • A crackdown on the use of tax havens and loopholes and, like President Obama, we think people earning over a million dollar a year could contribute more.

I support the campaign for a new green economic future.

I support:

  • An economy that secures Australia's long-term prosperity.
  • A fairer tax system, including closing tax loopholes and tax havens.
  • An economy that meets Australia's needs and protects the natural environment.
Our goal is 500 signatures! So far 998 people have supported this campaign, which represents 199.6% of our goal. Thanks for your support!

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