The time has come

13 Apr 2012

This morning I resigned as Leader of the Australian Greens. I will leave the Senate in June when the Tasmanian Greens nominate a replacement Senator.

The time has come.

I wanted to immediately thank you for your support, enthusiasm and direct involvement in Green politics on my watch. I can never forget or adequately repay the personal encouragement I have received over so many years from you, my family, friends, colleagues, work mates, party workers, voters and supporters.Our Greens Party Room now has a depth of talent which stands out in Canberra.


Bob Resigns

13 Apr 2012

Bob Brown has resigned as Leader of the Australian Greens Parliamentary Party. He will also resign from the Senate, after 16 years' service, when his Tasmanian replacement is available in June.


Cardinal Pell should nail Mammon

07 Apr 2012

Australian Greens Leader Bob Brown has rebuffed Cardinal Pell's Easter attack on the Greens as not very Christian.


Bob Brown and Adam Stone press conference on the Queensland elections

25 Mar 2012

Australian Greens leader, Senator Bob Brown, joins Senator Larissa Waters and Queensland Greens lead candidate Adam Stone to speak to the media about the the Greens holding their own in the Queensland elections.


Bob Brown delivers the 3rd annual Green Oration

23 Mar 2012

For those who oppose global democracy the challenge is clear: how else would you manage human affairs in this new century of global community, global communications and shared global destiny?


World Heritage next step in forest protection

23 Mar 2012

The Gillard and Giddings governments should move to extend the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area to include forests in the Tarkine, Styx, Weld, upper Florentine and Great Western Tiers, Australian Greens Leader Bob Brown said today.


Libs, Nats must disassociate themselves from Palmer as Coalition gags Senate debate

21 Mar 2012

The Australian Greens call for the Liberal and National leadership to disassociate themselves from the defamatory claims made by billionaire Clive Palmer.


2012 Green Oration by Senator Bob Brown

23 Mar 2012 | 7:00 pm

Celebration of the 40th Anniversary of the world's first Green party.


Abetz/Kroger's 'defamation' thrown out of Senate

19 Mar 2012

Claims by Coalition Senator Kroger against Senators Brown and Milne, referred to the Senate's powerful Committee of Privileges, have been thrown out.


Greens’ 40th at Hobart Town Hall

19 Mar 2012

Hobart Town Hall has claim to be the birthplace of Green politics. The 40th anniversary of the first Greens meeting will be celebrated there this Friday.

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