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Abetz/Kroger's 'defamation' thrown out of Senate

Media Release
Bob Brown 19 Mar 2012

The claims by Coalition Senator Kroger against Australian Greens Leader Bob Brown and Deputy Leader Christine Milne, referred to the Senate's powerful Committee of Privileges, have been thrown out as having "no cogent evidence".

Similarly, the committee found Senator Kroger had no evidence for her claims against Mr Graeme Wood and that "no question of contempt arises". These findings were unanimous.

The claims, if proven, had opened the Senators to a sentence of six months in jail.

But, in a split decision, the committee found against reimbursing approximately $50,000 in legal costs for Senators Brown and Milne, and indicated that legal representation was unnecessary.

"This outrageous political finding means that Senator Abetz, who engineered the Kroger motion, has succeeded in having myself and Senator Milne left to pay this bill for this entirely justified defence. That is manifestly unjust and will be challenged," Senator Brown said.

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