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Australia should track whalers through killing zone

Media Release
Bob Brown 21 Dec 2010

Greens Leader Bob Brown today urged the Australian government to at least conduct aerial surveillance of the Southern Ocean, after Japanese whalers doubled their hunting area.

"I spoke to the Japanese ambassador in Canberra yesterday, offering the opinion that this is criminal behaviour in the Australian Antarctic Territory," Senator Brown said.

"Almost a year ago, the Australian government turned its back on the ‘whale war'. The Government says action in the International Court against Japanese whaling will ‘take years' but has no action plan to prevent the slaughter in Antarctic waters this summer."

"If the Australian government is unwilling to commit offshore patrol vessels, it needs to, at the very least, track and monitor the Japanese whalers from the air and release footage of the bloody slaughter," Senator Brown said.

"Surveillance by Australia could also prevent human lives being lost during the whale-killing season."

Sea Shepherd has three ships ready to search for and follow the Japanese whaling fleet, which is expected to arrive in Antarctic waters next week.

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