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The Australian verbals Greens again

Media Release
Bob Brown 30 Jun 2010

Today's Australian story entitled ‘Greens carbon tax proposal ridiculed' and subsequent editorial verbals the Greens and falsely claims the call for a carbon tax is conditional on Julia Gillard shutting down the coal-fired power industry.

Reporter Matthew Franklin did not seek an interview with Greens Leader Bob Brown. He spoke to no other Greens Senator for the concocted story.

"Franklin and the paper are out to mislead their readers over the Greens' carbon tax proposal," Senator Bob Brown said today.

"The newspaper has consistently attacked the Greens in editorials referring to the party since 2000. This is The Australian using its news columns to deliberately mislead readers on their way to the ballot box."

"For the record, Queensland Premier Anna Bligh says ‘we can't simply exit coal-fired power when it makes up 80 percent of the state's power', and I agree," Senator Brown said.

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