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Brandis must disqualify from privileges committee

Australian Greens Leader Bob Brown has called on Liberal powerbroker George Brandis to remove himself, or be removed, from the Senate Privileges Committee because he has pre-judged the question of the integrity of Greens Senators Brown and Milne.

"I have reminded the Senate that the Committee of Privileges has the power to recommend jail sentences of six months for Senators. It is parallel to our courts, must apply standards of justice like those of the courts and its decisions are appellable to the courts. Senator Brandis must go," Senator Brown said in Canberra today.

"The Senate is debating dissent in the President's ruling and will vote on the matter, unprecedented in this period of government, later this afternoon."

As outlined by Senator Brown in the Senate last night (p.122, Hansard, 7/02/12), the proposal brought to the Senate President last year was effectively a SLAPP writ, now outlawed in the Australian Capital Territory, as well as in many states of the United States, because of its inherent unfairness.

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