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Brown queries use of poisoned corn

The federal Minister for Forestry, Senator Joe Ludwig, was nonplussed when questioned today about piles of corn in a burnt and blackened forestry coup under Tasmania's Mt La Perouse.

Greens Leader Bob Brown said during Senate estimates that he saw corn distributed in piles along a logging road on Saturday. He asked Minister Ludwig if the corn was laced with poison to kill marsupials, including rare and endangered species (eg ringtail possums and wombats).

"Similar corn sightings have been recently reported in the Weld Valley, suggesting a return to the terrible days of 1080 poisoning by Forestry Tasmania," Senator Brown said.

Senator Ludwig told Senator Brown to take his query to the Tasmanian authorities. "Under federal law it is Minister Ludwig's responsibility," Senator Brown said. Senator Brown asked Senator Ludwig to report back to the Senate's rural affairs and transport committee.

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