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Burke rewrites Gillard’s forest promise

Media Release
Bob Brown 14 Feb 2012

Environment Minister Tony Burke has issued a statement rewriting Julia Gillard's 7 August 2011 promise to "immediately" protect Tasmania's iconic forests. Burke enlisted the backing of three other ministers.

Australian Greens Leader Bob Brown said the statement is remarkable in rejigging Ms Gillard's promise to protect the 572,000 hectares of forests to now say "timber supply requirements for industry MIGHT be combined with protection of iconic forest areas". If the forests are protected, more than 900,000 hectares will remain vulnerable to logging for companies such as Ta Ann.

"This minister is pulling the rug from under the PM and her commitment. Tony Burke went to Hobart with the Prime Minister to sign the agreement and now, with her missing, he is rewriting it. It is a pretty shabby thing for this environment minister to be doing," Senator Brown said.

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