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Carbon price agreement: The transformation to clean energy can start now

The Australian Greens today joined the Gillard government in announcing an agreed pathway towards a carbon price that should commence on July 1, 2012, beginning the transformation of our economy from polluting fossil fuels to clean energy.

The agreement is a major step towards implementation of the Greens' proposal for a fixed carbon price starting as soon as possible, rising each year, with no international offsets allowed. The fixed price could be replaced in time with a well-designed emissions trading scheme.

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This agreement is the Greens in action, delivering certainty to the Australian economy, community, investors and the environment after productive negotiations with the government

The Greens proposed a fixed price on carbon in January last year as a way of breaking the deadlock the parliament had reached on climate action.

The Multi-Party Climate Change Committee that was established at the instigation of the Greens to support the Gillard government, is paying dividends for all Australians.

This agreement to set a fixed, rising price on carbon with no international offsets means that, as of July next year, the transformation of our economy towards a zero emissions future can begin.

This is a big step forward for climate action in Australia. For the first time, everybody in Australia will have a clear signal that the old, polluting ways will have to change and a new, exciting era is set to begin."

Read the full media release here

The text of the agreement is available here.

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