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Cardinal Pell should nail Mammon

Media Release
Bob Brown 7 Apr 2012

Australian Greens Leader Bob Brown has rebuffed Cardinal Pell's Easter attack on the Greens as not very Christian.

"I hope the good Cardinal reads The Australian's Easter editorial noting comments from Melbourne's Catholic Archbishop Denis Hart and calling for ‘forgiveness, atonement, hope, tolerance and generosity'. Somewhere up the Hume Highway as you get towards Archbishop Pell these sound religious values tend to evaporate," Senator Brown said today in Hobart.

"Cardinal Pell's mischievous and patently false claim that the Greens are ‘quite explicit about their opposition to Christianity' belies the fact that the Greens back pure Christian values in the public arena more strongly than Cardinal Pell himself. For example Cardinal Pell's poorly restrained embrace of the free market has let down poorer Australians in a nation where mega profits from the resources boom are draining out of the country rather than funding health, education and poorer families' welfare.

"Cardinal Pell should nail Mammon for starters, and stand for parliament if he wants to get so ridiculously political.

"But I agree with him on the loss of family farms in Australia- he's with the Greens there," Senator Brown said.


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