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Ensure mining tax delivers revenue: Brown


The Australian Greens are proposing amendments to the watered-down mining tax which are revenue positive and the Gillard Government should ensure that the revenue from the tax is not further undermined.

"The Greens want a fairer mining tax, a genuine super profits tax. If there is to be any change to the mining tax it should be, at the very least, revenue neutral," Australian Greens Leader Bob Brown said in Canberra today.

"Raising thresholds at which the Minerals Resource Rent Tax kicks in will further undermine the already meagre revenue stream. We will not entertain any further erosion of the income from our country's mineral wealth that should be flowing to the Australian people to fund national dental care, education, clean technologies and big-ticket items such as high-speed rail."

"Mr Abbott also has questions to answer. How will the Opposition fund its commitments, including its superannuation pledge, without the mining tax and with a budget black hole that is expanding towards $100 billion?"


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