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Free tertiary education is within reach, Brown says

Media Release
Bob Brown 17 Dec 2010

Australian Greens Leader Bob Brown said today that $2.5 billion per annum is a much lower-than-expected cost for free tertiary education. The figure is part of a Senate release of information which the Greens supported.

"It is everybody's right in this great country of ours in the 21st century to get a tertiary education. We should go for it.  It is a long-held Greens policy and we will be pursuing it strongly," Senator Brown said in Hobart.

"It is in line with Rupert Murdoch's own call for better funding for education in an age where Australia and Australians are at risk of falling behind."

"The revenue lost when the Government cut its planned mining tax would more than cover the cost of free degrees for Australian students."

"Australians should have an equal right to tertiary education, regardless of family or ethnic background, or location."  

"Unrestricted access to an education is essential as, in line with the Government's own advice, 'future jobs require higher skills'."

"We are very pleased that this information on the low cost of unrestricted access to tertiary education has been made available," Senator Brown said.

"If students can't be relieved of their HECS burden, the government should at least make sure that young Australians have access to free education in the future."

"Without urgent support for our centres of learning, Australia is at risk of becoming something worse than globally disadvantaged; it is no exaggeration to say we are threatened with global irrelevance" - Rupert Murdoch, 11.10.01

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