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Gillard’s tirade: Brown replies

Media Release
Bob Brown 1 Apr 2011

The centre point of Prime Minister Gillard’s tirade against the Greens, who enabled her to form government, is falsely branding 1.5 million Australian voters as not being driven by their love of family, doing the right thing, or their delight in Australian values.

“Julia has made a second, gratuitous attack on the supporters of her minority government with a demonstrably wrong line of argument that shows divisive rather than uniting leadership,” Australian Greens Leader Bob Brown said today.

“The Greens are the third mainstream party. We are backed by growing numbers of thoughtful Australians who see that the core problem with the old political parties is their similarity.

“The majority of Australians, beyond our voter base, have backed a wide range of Greens’ initiatives, such as raising the aged pension, Denticare, high speed rail, voluntary euthanasia laws, same-sex marriage, opposing the nuclear waste dump, saving forests and marine ecosystems, ending junk food advertising in children’s TV viewing hours, and reigning in excessive bank fees,” Senator Brown said.

“The Prime Minister’s claim that ‘the Greens wrongly reject the moral imperative of a strong economy’ is nonsense. She cannot wipe from the record the Greens’ vital support for the 2009 economic stimulus package, which saved Australia from recession and the loss of 600,000 jobs,” Senator Brown said.

“It is future jobs versus past jobs, and as the German experience shows, it is the Greens, not Labor or the Liberals, who are on the right track.

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