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Gonski: Greens call for urgent education funding boost –and say how


Australian Greens Leader Senator Bob Brown has called on the Gillard Government to heed the Gonski review calls and put in an immediate injection of between $5-10 billion into Australian schools.

“Peter Garrett has said there won’t be any loss of funding for any school but what he hasn’t said is what the additional funding will be for schools in need. 

“The Gonski review is a huge opportunity for action. But only the Greens besides Gonski are saying that more funding is essential and how to get it. 

“The Greens want to see and additional $5- 10b spent so Australia can begin to reach the average OECD Government spending on schools," Senator Brown said. 

"Like resource-rich Norway, a fair mining tax would make this easy to achieve."


OECD figures:

Public funding of schools as % GDP: Australia 3%, OECD average is 3.5%

Highest nations – 4.9% Iceland, 5% Norway, 4.2% Denmark, 4.3% Belgium

To reach OECD average of 3.5% of GDP Australia needs a further investment of $7 billion.

To reach the highest levels of public spending in the OECD 5% of GDP Australia needs an additional $28 billion. 


“Getting Australia’s public schools the injection of the funds they need has to be the first priority – it is a sector that has been underfunded by successive federal governments. Other funding should be based on need,” Senator Brown said.


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