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Government must implement all IGIS Report recommendations: Brown

Media Release
Bob Brown 23 Mar 2012

Australian Greens Leader Senator Bob Brown has called on the government to implement all recommendations from the Inspector General of Intelligence and Security (IGIS) report released today.

Senator Brown recently moved in the Senate to have the IGIS report released but both the Government and Opposition blocked the move.

"The Government should have it within them to adopt all the report's recommendations including the Inspector General's call for the Government to apologies to Mrs Maha Habib.  This would be a small gesture given the suffering Mr Habib and his family have gone through.

"This is an Australian citizen who was tortured because of Australia's ally. He was held illegally in the hell hole of Guantanamo Bay," Senator Brown said.

Senator Brown said he would be asking the Prime Minister for a full briefing on the matter and to see the unreleased classified report.

"The US claims that they had the right to hold Mamdouh Habib in Guantanamo Bay, even though he was innocent, requires a sharp rebuke from the Gillard government."

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