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Graeme Wood gives Australian business a lead - Brown

Media Release
Bob Brown 8 Jan 2011

Graeme Wood is the face of business that can give Australia a world lead in an age of dangerous climate change, forest destruction and loss of biodiversity, Greens Leader Bob Brown said in Hobart today.

"Graeme is an extremely thoughtful and long-sighted character whose sheer common sense has led him to success in business as well as becoming a leader in ecological wisdom in an age where that is badly needed," Senator Brown said.

"Besides using his money for the nation's betterment - for example, he has purchased magnificent rainforest blocks, rich with native wildlife, in the Tasmanian wilderness which would otherwise have been logged by now - Graeme has an investment acumen which extends beyond his business innovations to benefit the whole community."

"His donation to the Australian Greens gave us an ability to stay in the competition for public airspace before the last election in a way we have never been able to achieve in previous elections."

"Of course many other people share the kudos and gratitude for the Greens' strong performance in the 2010 poll. In fact, besides Graeme, a record number of donors and a record amount of money came the Greens' way."

"Graeme's donation came with no strings attached and stemmed from a recognition that the major parties were in gridlock over climate change."

"Notwithstanding the Greens' rapidly growing income from donations, it remains our policy that we should follow Canada and have public funding for elections, with donations from individuals limited to $1000, to counteract the longstanding influence of big business and unions on Australian politics and its future."

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