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Green vote rises as Labor's collapses

Media Release
Bob Brown 29 Nov 2010

With the likelihood of a Baillieu government, the Greens' vote strengthened  yesterday as Labor's collapsed, Greens Leader Bob Brown said in Melbourne today.

"Had Labor not pressured the Liberals to preference Labor ahead of the Greens, we would have won three seats - Melbourne, Richmond and Brunswick, and gone close in Northcote," Senator Brown said.

"The Greens, nationally, will consider open tickets to remove preferences in future - that would leave voters to make the preferences of their own choice.

"This record high Greens vote is a good springboard for us to win key Melbourne seats outright in future elections," Senator Brown said.

Senator Brown said that Brumby Labor's negative campaigning against both the Greens and Coalition grated with voters and was a factor in Labor's loss. 

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