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Greens launch Brisbane light rail push

Australian Greens Leader Bob Brown today launched a new plan to link Brisbane's suburbs with light rail.

The Greens are campaigning for better public transport planning and light rail networks and upgrades across the country. 

Announcing the plan with Queensland Senate candidate Larissa Waters, Senator Brown said the Greens would push in the Senate for greater federal funding of public transport.

"It is only the Greens who are campaigning for improved public transport right across the nation, beginning with a national inventory and implementation study for light rail in our capital cities," said Senator Brown.

"We know what a difference good quality public transport makes to people's lives, to the climate and for the long-term liveability of our cities."

Queensland senate candidate Larissa Waters said a mix of light rail, heavy rail extension and more bus routes was needed to fix air quality and traffic congestion for Brisbane.

"There is a huge demand for more convenient, cheap and carbon-friendly public transport in Queensland, as our over-full buses and trains attest. It's been 41 years since a tram ran in Brisbane, and now our roads are clogged with cars," said Ms Waters.

"It's time Infrastructure Australia had a dedicated sustainable transport arm to conduct a $10 million national investigation into light rail. 

"Here in Brisbane, that could see bus-ways and Buz services converted more efficient light rail, and light rail extensions added to heavy rail lines to service the west and north west.

"Queenslanders are crying out for federal leadership on public transport, and the major parties are giving them pork barrelling in marginal seats."

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