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Greens Leader: New Year's Message

Greens Leader Bob Brown said today his aim is to give Australia progressive and prosperous governance in 2011, beginning with work towards a Gillard government carbon price to tackle global warming, stimulate the economy and generate new business opportunities.

"Amid more extreme weather events, which are occurring more frequently, the new year gives Australians a chance to think beyond ‘sides' and embrace effective, innovative and green ways of building a future for the developed economy that is most at risk from global warming," Senator Brown said.

Building on the Greens' ongoing work, the Greens in 2011 in both houses of Parliament, will also be working towards:

  • A mining tax to fund free tertiary education for every young Australian at $2.5 billion per annum and a sovereign wealth fund to safeguard a low-carbon future
  • High Speed Rail to link Australia's biggest cities and better light rail within those cities
  • Giving the Gillard government essential support for its national broadband network
  • A national marine park system to protect fish nurseries and the nation's marine biodiversity for all time
  • Achieving auditory (hearing) testing and support for all indigenous children
  • Protection of Australia's remaining native forests, woodlands and wildlife
  • Australia taking a lead in a global effort to divert some of the more than $1 trillion annual weapons budget, so that every child on Earth has access to food, clean water and schooling.

Senator Brown said he looked forward to the four new Australian Greens Senators taking their seats on the 1st of July.

"While assuring the Gillard government of stability, we will also be looking for good ideas from the Coalition and Independents which the Greens could assist through Parliament."

"I spoke to Aung San Suu Kyi over the Christmas break and I look forward to visiting her and Burmese government members in 2011."

Senator Brown said he has never felt happier in his 35 years in politics and, along with his talented team of Greens MPs in Canberra, welcomes 2011 and the new opportunities it opens up for Australia.

"I also see the NSW election in March as an early opportunity for voters dissatisfied with both the bigger parties to back the Greens in record numbers and elect more Greens into both houses in Macquarie Street."

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