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Hitler Youth slur abhorrent: Greens

Media Release
Bob Brown 3 Nov 2011

The Coalition's dirty politics hit a new low today when Senator Ian McDonald said GetUp was "the Hitler Youth wing of the Greens political movement".

"We call on Mr Abbott to immediately take action to get the Senator to withdraw the comment," Australian Greens Leader Bob Brown said today.

"Senator Macdonald, and Liberal Senator Parry who failed to rule that slur out of order, will both be referred by the Australian Greens to the privileges committee."

Australian Greens Deputy Leader, Senator Christine Milne, said "This is an extraordinary abuse of the memories of the countless millions slaughtered by the Nazis and an abhorrent offence to Holocaust survivors and their families.

"I have written to the President of the Senate this morning asking him to examine Senator Parry's refusal to rule the slur out of order and pull Senator MacDonald into line with common decency."

From today's Hansard ‘pinks':

Senator Milne: Mr Deputy President, I rise on a point of order. Senator Ian Macdonald referred to the young people involved as 'Hitler's youth'. I find that extremely offensive and I ask him to withdraw.

Senator Ian Macdonald: On the point of order, Mr Deputy President: before you take any instructions, I suggest you hear what was actually said to Senator Milne. I repeat it now: 'GetUp! is the Hitler Youth wing of the Greens political movement,' and I stand by that.

The DEPUTY PRESIDENT: There is no point of order, Senator Milne, but I would remind senators that interjections and speaking when not given the call is disorderly.


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