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Howard Government Backs Newcastle International Airport

Greens condemn decision

The Government motion moved in the Senate this morning corroborates the Greens' contention that an international airport will be built on Kooragang Island at Newcastle, Greens Senator Bob Brown said.

"The motion moved by Senator Tierney states that the Liberal party, both state and federal, supports the proposed Kooragang Island International airport'," said Senator Brown.

"This is effectively Sydney's second airport. It will have a 'Very Fast Train' link to Sydney.

"This is despite the NSW Coalition stating only two weeks ago that they were opposed to the development.* Tieney's Senate motion must have been endorsed by the Prime Minister

"The Greens are horrified that the Howard Government is proceeding to back the proposed international airport without any reference to the views of the people of Newcastle or the social, environmental and noise impacts," said Senator Brown.

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> * Ms Ficarra, NSW Coalition environment spokesperson, 9 March 1999, 2NC


> "In terms of the Coalition, we would never support that, that is a very

> valuable site by diversity and is absolutely the wrong choice for a second

> airport


> "So we are directly opposed to that and I think there would be

> international

> condemnation of the project."


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