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Industry figures spoiling chance for new beginning

Media Release
Bob Brown 19 Jun 2011

Extreme industry figures intent on disrupting the forest signatories process should be ignored, Greens Leader Bob Brown said in Hobart today.

"People are out in the media saying the environment groups are being unreasonable for asking for high conservation value forests to be protected from logging," Senator Brown said.

"The statement of principles signed by the union and environment groups, National Association of Forest Industries, Forest Industries Association Tasmania, Australian and Tasmanian Forest Contractor's Associations and Tasmanian Country Sawmiller's Federation all agreed to:

Immediately protect, maintain and enhance high conservation value forests identified by ENGOs on public land.

"To argue that this area of HCV forest should now be halved is in breach of those principles and comes on top of efforts we have already seen to stall the logging moratorium.

"The Greens have not been involved in the principles process but we believe its participants should have the opportunity to finish what they started without undue pressure from those throwing stones from outside the tent," Senator Brown said.



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