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More Australian Greens, and growing

Media Release
Bob Brown 26 Jun 2011

An intelligent and passionate group of Australian Greens will expand our work in the newly configured Parliament from July 1, Greens Leader Bob Brown said in Melbourne today.

"We are a happy and cohesive party," Senator Brown said.

"Australians will be represented by the Greens in every state, for the first time. We are empowered by more than 1.5 million voters to negotiate with Government and the Opposition to get better outcomes for the nation," Senator Brown said.

"We're the most stable party in this Parliament, standing by policies we took to the election and working to get a less polluted, safer, healthier Australia."

Senator-elect Larissa Waters, Queensland:

"I'm looking forward to being part of the Parliament that puts a price on pollution, to protect the iconic Great Barrier Reef and the 67,000 thousand people who rely on it for their livelihood."

"I will fight to see our precious food-producing land and our groundwater resources protected from rapacious coal seam gas mining and new coal mines, and local communities supported."

"As an environmental lawyer, I relish the opportunity to modernise and strengthen our national environmental laws so they actually protect Australia's unique environment and our dwindling biodiversity."

Senator-elect Penny Wright, South Australia:

"I am privileged to be entrusted with the Mental Health and Social Inclusion portfolios and I will be working to see some of the most disadvantaged Australians achieve full participation in the life of our community."

"The measure of a nation's humanity is how it treats its most vulnerable citizens."

"As a lawyer, I am committed to improved access to justice for all Australians, reform of the convoluted Native Title process and a fair go for workers and veterans."

Senator-elect Lee Rhiannon, New South Wales:

"The Democracy portfolio allows me to continue my campaign to clean up the corrupting influence of political donations, seeking nationwide electoral funding reform."

"I will work hard to be an effective voice for communities across Australia, including, with Senator Bob Brown, all Australians having a say in a referendum to recognise Local Government in the Constitution."

"I also look forward to working with Bob to preserve the nation's wild forests, and assisting him on National Security."

Senator-elect Richard Di Natale, Victoria:

"Being elected the first Greens Senator for Victoria is a great privilege."

"It's a wonderful opportunity to help create a fairer health system, one that is based on prevention and provides public dental care for those Australians who can't afford to see a dentist."

"As the humble product of Australian multiculturalism, I will be a passionate advocate for the many cultures that reach our shores."



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