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More should be done as Mubarak digs in - Brown

Media Release
Bob Brown 10 Feb 2011

The Australian government has expressed its "concerns" about events in Cairo but there has been no call for Hosni Mubarak to go, even as Egypt's government issues further warnings of a crackdown, Greens Leader Bob Brown said today.

"The government should do more and join others in urging President Mubarak to move swiftly out of office and to stop the thugs who have attacked demonstrators and detained journalists in recent days and weeks," Senator Brown said.

Senator Brown, speaking in the Senate yesterday, asked the Government if it was aware of Egyptian Vice President General Omar Suleiman's reputation as a torturer and a murderer.

Senator Brown received a promise from Foreign Affairs spokesperson Senator Conroy that the government would provide an answer to his questions as to whether the Australian Government or members of its intelligence service had met General Suleiman and whether there was Australian involvement in the illegal detention in Egypt of Australian citizen Mr Mamdouh Habib. 

The Australian Government confirmed to Senator Brown today that Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade officials had met General Suleiman, in particular in his capacity as a lead negotiator on Middle East peace process issues.

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