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Mr Alan Jones

Bob Brown 23 Aug 2011

Senator Bob Brown
Leader of the Australian Greens

I give notice that on the next day of sitting I shall move that:

  1. The Senate request Mr Alan Belford Jones AO apologise to the police and wider public for his false claim that thousands of people and hundreds of trucks, on their way to Monday’s rally outside Parliament House, had been stopped at the New South Wales – Australian Capital Territory border; and
  2. The President report to the Senate on Mr Jones’ claim that ‘the people who have come here (Parliament House) can’t actually get into the precinct to be heard’ and report to the Senate whether people attending this rally were prevented in any way different to every other Australian coming to protest at Parliament House or whether this claim by Mr Jones is also false; and
  3. That Mr Jones be invited to respond to this motion, should it pass.
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