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Rudd's weak targets contradict G8 2°C goal

Prime Minister Rudd must firmly commit Australia to limiting global warming to no more than 2°C and then lift his weak emissions reduction targets to meet that goal, Australian Greens Leader Senator Bob Brown said today.

Senator Brown said Mr Rudd's 5-25% emissions reduction targets contradict the global 2°C goal and undermine the chances of achieving a global agreement to meet that goal, let alone a more ambitious one.

"Mr Rudd and Minister Wong need to be direct with the Australian community about whether they are committed to a global 2°C goal," Senator Brown said.

"If they are committed to the 2°C goal, they need to lift their weak targets to match that goal.

"But, importantly, the Greens don't accept 2°C as being a safe climate target.

"Scientists tell us that 2°C warming threatens the Great Barrier Reef and the Murray-Darling Basin and risks triggering feedback loops that will lead to catastrophic heating of the planet.

"The targets the G8 countries are talking about still give us a great chance of breaching 2C warming, and Mr Rudd's targets are even further behind.

"Chinese negotiators have slammed Mr Rudd's 5-25% targets, calling for the kind of action Scotland, Germany and the UK are offering, with 2020 targets of 42%, 40% and 34% on 1990 levels respectively.

"The CPRS should be upgraded to the Greens' targets."

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