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What a year!

What a year to be Green!

Right from the start, 2011 has been a year of victory for the planet and for a more compassionate, equal Australia. Together we have achieved great things!

The first ever Greens bill passed into law, meaning that residents of Canberra and the Northern Territory can no longer have their laws struck down by a minister's pen. Less than a month later, Adam's bill to establish fairer access to compensation for Firefighters who get ill at work passed into law.

Thanks to your tireless support and the staggering work of Christine in the complex multi-party negotiations, from July 1 next year Australia will charge big companies for their pollution and invest more than $10 billion in clean energy, kick-starting the energy revolution we're perfectly placed to lead.

We're closer to marriage equality than ever before - Sarah has a Bill before the Senate right now, just waiting to be voted on, to make it a reality. And Adam has one ready for the House.

And just weeks ago, all parties on a Senate Committee backed our call for a moratorium on coal seam gas projects. It's another example of the old parties picking up on our call to tread lightly on this beautiful planet. If only Prime Minister Gillard would honour her signed commitment to stop logging in Tasmania's ancient forests.

We've been able to achieve so much together this year. The ten - ten! - of us now in Parliament appreciate the support and hard work of the million and a half Greens across the country that has made all this possible.

Here's 11 things we have to celebrate in 2011. I am excited to think of the possibilities for what we can achieve working together in 2012.

Christine, Rachel, Sarah, Scott, Lee, Penny, Larissa, Richard, Adam and I wish you and yours a wonderful summer, and a happy and fulfilling 2012.

Yours sincerely,


p.s. The Japanese whaling fleet is already on its way to Antarctic waters for its illegal and bloody annual hunt - may their harpoons be blunt! Join us on Facebook for the latest updates over summer.

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