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World Heritage Antarctica: new book illustrates icy splendour

Media Release
Bob Brown 15 Jun 2012

The greatest natural heritage property left on planet Earth is being denied its rightful place on the list of World Heritage properties, Australian Greens Senator for Tasmania Bob Brown said today.

In Melbourne to launch polar adventurer David Neilson's book Southern Light: Images from Antarctica, the former Greens Leader called on the Antarctic Treaty 50 member nations meeting in Hobart to give priority to according Antarctic World Heritage status.

"There is no legal impediment. The goodwill of all nations is the vital ingredient to give this logical recognition for the Great White Continent and its surrounding ocean the World Heritage status it deserves,” Senator Brown said.

Brown lauded Neilson's book as a stunning visual treat for all of us who will never get to Antarctica's icy splendour as well as those who do. This superb galaxy of photos of Antarctica and its wildlife is a document which, of itself, makes the statement for Antarctica as World Heritage.

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