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Roy Morgan results: Environment most important issue

ENVIRONMENT MOST IMPORTANT ISSUE FOR AUSTRALIA By Michele Levine, CEO Roy Morgan Research Future Summit 2008, May 12-13, Sydney The environment (including climate change/global warming, water resources, drought, famine) is the most important problem facing the World and Australia. China is the most important region to Australia for economic purposes; Indonesia is most important for security purposes; and Japan is the country Australia can most effectively work with on both.

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Urgency Motion - Tibet

SENATE HANSARD Monday 17 March 2008 Senator BOB BROWN (Tasmania-Leader of the Australian Greens) (4.00 pm)-I move: That, in the opinion of the Senate, the following is a matter of urgency: The bloodshed in Tibet and the need for strong, decisive action by the government to insist that international laws and norms, including those safeguarding human and political rights and media access, are observed by China.

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Bob's Sorry speech

I begin, on behalf of the Australian Greens, by recognising the first Australians, the traditional owners, right across this great country of ours. I congratulate the Rudd government for yesterday's affording of the welcome to country and thank the Indigenous people for that welcome. I also thank the government for providing this important moment in our nation's history. The Greens wholeheartedly support this motion.

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