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Motion re Tasmanian pulp mill 20 June 2007

Senator BOB BROWN- The motion reads: That the Senate congratulates the 10 000 or more Tasmanians who turned out in Launceston on Saturday, 16 June 2007 to protest against the proposed Gunns Limited pulp mill, for their civic pride, concern for the environment and peaceful expression of opinion in the best of democratic traditions. For the accompanying speech and Senate division results, please see attached pdf

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Budget reply

GREENS BUDGET SPEECH10 MAY 2007 This budget is more about greed than green. The Treasurer and the government have a huge ethical responsibility in spending the nation's money, in ensuring its future. That ethical responsibility has not been met in this budget. The massive tax cuts are for spending now, but the government has failed in its high responsibility to tackle the greatest threat to this nation's future and to the lifestyle of our children and their children which is climate change.

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Question on notice + answer re pulp mill 8 May 2007

Bob Brown 8 May 2007

With reference to the Minister's statement on 7 December 2006 that item 189 of the Environment and Heritage Legislation Amendment Bill (No. 1) 2006 will not apply to the Gunns Ltd owned pulp mill because the Minister has already made a controlled action decision in relation to the pulp mill (Senate Hansard, 7 December 2006, p.136):

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