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Failing our wildlife

Australian governments are not working to save the country's natural heritage but to destroy it - opinion piece on the Wielangta judgement that appeared in Melbourne's Age newspaper 15/01/07

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Letters from the Herald Sun

Bob Brown 29 Nov 2006

The Victorian Election : How did Labor get away with it? Two great letters in the Herald Sun 28 November explain it. Reproduced with authors' permission. Analysis shows that Labor won many seats on Greens preferences alone. So much for the Labor lies during the campaign of a "Green-Liberal alliance". But it appears that the Labor smear campaign against the Greens scared enough of their wavering inner-city voters to save Bronwyn Pike and neighbouring seats for the ALP. How such a well-educated and supposedly savvy demographic could fall for such a blatant Labor con job is mind-boggling.

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National Press Club Address

Thank you for inviting me to the National Press Club again. Since I last spoke here in 2004, the world as we know it has profoundly changed. The all pervasive impacts of global warming, intensifying over the past thirty years and now accelerating at an alarming rate, are affecting everyone. The American National Academy of Sciences said last month that the world is now the hottest it has been in 5000 years.

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