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Junk food ads face chop

A bill introduced to the Senate today by Greens Leader Bob Brown would ban junk food advertisements from Australian television during children's viewing hours.

It would also ban junk food ads in schools.

"Ending the multimillion dollar campaign by junk food companies aimed directly at children is one huge step in the urgent strategy required to tackle rampant obesity in Australia," Senator Brown said.

In a statement today, the Public Health Association of Australia's President Professor Mike Daube supported the bill.

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Brown introduces bill for national ban on junk food ads during kids' TV viewing hours

Australian Greens Leader Bob Brown today gave notice that he will re-introduce the Democrats' Protecting Children from Junk Food Advertising (Broadcasting Amendment) Bill 2008 to ban junk food advertising during children's TV viewing hours.

"Access Economics estimates the cost of obesity to the community is $58 billion a year. Only 1 per cent of food advertising promotes healthy food. The other 99 per cent promotes fast food, soft drinks, ice cream and other junk food," Senator Brown said.

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Logical loggers would pursue class action against Gunns - Brown

Threats by logging supremos to use legal action against citizens giving up their time and money to protect some of the world's grandest forest in Tasmania should be redirected to Gunns, Australian Greens leader Bob Brown said in Canberra today.

"These loggers, like Gunns, are featherbedded by huge taxpayer subsidies. And they are destroying an asset which is a multi-billion dollar hedge against global warming," Senator Brown said.

The Federal Court has also established that, at Wielangta, logging is threatening rare and endangered wildlife species.

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Greens ‘New Century’ Australia Senate Agenda

The Australian Greens today outlined their vision for Australia in the new century ahead of the opening of the Balance-of-Power Senate.

Australian Greens Leader, Senator Bob Brown, said a record 1.17 million people voted Greens at the last election, and the five Greens Senators were ready to work constructively with all parties to respond to the challenges of the new century.

"Pollution, poverty, discrimination and the destruction of Australia's forests and precious environments are the legacy of the last century and decades of greed and inaction."

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Hybrid mega-cat under "assessment process"

Australian Greens leader Bob Brown says the threat to Australia's native wildlife from proposed imported cats cross-bred with wild African killer cats is horrific to contemplate.
But, in Senate question time, the government indicated it has made no decision on plans to import the cats – 16 are in US quarantine on their way to Australia.
"I call on Environment Minister Peter Garrett to stop this cat import bid in its tracks," Senator Brown said today.
"He should close the loophole in Australian law allowing importers to order these dangerous cats," Senator Brown said.

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