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TFGA's mill support 'dangerous' for farmers – Brown

The Tasmanian Farmers and Growers Association is undermining its members' futures by backing Gunns' proposed pulp mill, Greens Leader Bob Brown said today.
"The pulp mill will worsen climate change. It would be a huge net producer of greenhouse gases and an added hit on drought-wielding climate change, which is the biggest single threat to rural Tasmanian's prosperity," Senator Brown said.

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Govt duds farmers, plays favourites with forestry plantations: Brown

Greens Leader Bob Brown today condemned the government's decision to end tax deductions for all plantations except forestry.  
"All businesses deserve an equal playing field. It is outrageous for the government to give forestry plantations special treatment," Senator Brown said.
"The tax deduction means investors pour millions of dollars into forestry plantations, driving up the price of land and edging out local farmers. Victorian farmers suffering this scourge have called the MIS 'tax subsidised social annihilation'."

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State of the Environment report: weak, vacillating and lacking in action – Greens

The 2006 State of the Environment report is more sceptical about climate change than John Howard.
It headlines the topic as 'Australia's variable climate' and excuses the Howard government for a decade of inaction:
"It is increasingly clear that the last 50 years of experience with rainfall patterns is not a sufficient time span to plan and design an adequate response to climate variability and change" (p20).

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Greens list of 12 starters for Rudd

Greens Leader Bob Brown has sent Kevin Rudd a list of a dozen policy initiatives which would put Labor on the track to a 2007 election victory. Here is the list:
1.      Bring Australian troops home from Iraq
2.      Have David Hicks returned to Australia
3.      A first term referendum on the Republic
4.      Tackle Australia's addiction to coal with a renewable energy target of 25% by 2020 and legislation to reduce Australia's greenhouse gas emissions by 20% by 2020 and 80% by 2050

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Campbell must block dam – Greens

Federal Environment Minister Ian Campbell has no option but to block the Traveston dam on QLD's Mary River, Greens Leader Bob Brown said today.
"This dam would devastate a raft of nationally listed rare and endangered species. That includes the Queensland lungfish, which is internationally renowned for linking the emergence of species with backbones from the ocean onto land millions of years ago. The dam will destroy the lungfish's prime breeding grounds."

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Climate change feeding higher interest rates – Greens

In his statement today on monetary policy Reserve Bank Governor Glenn Stevens confirmed that the RBA has "taken careful note of the likely economic effects of drought". The current drought and reduced rainfall patterns, are exacerbated by climate change.
"Climate change is going to drive up the costs of food, the costs of fuel and the costs of water. The Howard Government likes to talk about its record on fighting inflation, yet it has failed to tackle the number one long run cause of increased cost of living in Australia," said Greens Leader, Senator Bob Brown.

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PM's Crisis Call a Decade Late

The Prime Minister's Melbourne Cup water crisis summit is 10 years too late, Greens Leader Bob Brown said today.
"After eleven years of his government and seven years of this Howard-enhanced drought, the Prime Minister is waking up to the rural calamity and national alarm on climate change.  Suddenly, he is calling a summit on Cup day.  So while 20 million Australians are concentrating on Efficient, Mr Howard will be concentrating on the inefficient – himself, his own decade of lost opportunity on climate change," Senator Brown said.

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