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Mobile phone towers under scrutiny

New legislation to give communities a greater say in where mobile phone towers are installed has been given notice of by Greens Leader Bob Brown in the Senate today. 

"We've had some very frustrated people contact my office  recently because mobile phone towers are going up in places they don't think are appropriate, but they have nowhere to voice these concerns," Senator Brown said.

"The current law allows telecommunication companies to install 'low-impact' mobile phone facilities without having to go through local or state government planning processes.

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Ita Buttrose’s revelation deeply troubling - Brown

The revelation by prominent media figure Ita Buttrose that, as editor-in-chief of the Sunday Telegraph and the Daily Telegraph, owner Rupert Murdoch asked her to have a citizen followed is deeply troubling.

“This highly respected Australian would not release this information lightly. It adds greatly to speculation that the culture of Mr Murdoch’s empire percolates down, not up” said Senator Brown today.

“It is to Ms Buttrose’s enormous credit that she refused to have the person followed or, in her own words, to ‘go beyond what I thought I should do’.”

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Greens move for inquiry into media ownership and regulation in Australia

Australian Greens Leader Senator Bob Brown today announced moves for a full Senate or Independent Inquiry into media ownership and regulation in Australia.

“While there have not been any allegations of unlawful or unethical behaviour by any of Australia's newspapers similar to that which resulted in the closure of News of the World, the potential for such behaviour and the breadth of the allegations in the UK indicates it is timely for a closer look at Australia's media regulation,” said Senator Brown.

An Inquiry would consider:

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News International

Senator Bob Brown

I give notice that on the next day of sitting I shall move that:

That the Minister for Communications investigate the direct or indirect ramifications to Australia of the criminal matters affecting the United Kingdom operations of News International, and report back to the Senate.


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