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Greens deliver stable, top-level representation

While the Gillard Labor government continues to short-change Tasmania, both the Australian Greens' leader and deputy leader are Tasmanian.

"Nationwide, Australians can look forward to continued effective representation by the Greens whether it's seeking a fairer tax burden for big corporations to fund health, education, public transport or clean energy technologies and national dental health care," Australian Greens Leader Bob Brown said in Hobart today.

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Protestors shouldn’t be treated differently

Tasmanian police are alone in wanting to charge protestors for costs associated with their arrest, Australian Greens Leader Bob Brown said today.

In a submission to the consultation paper about the proposed changes, Senator Brown said no other state or territory has such an anti-democratic law.

"Such a law would have put the suffragettes out of business and would have left slavery flourishing," Senator Brown said in Hobart.

Senator Brown's submission is attached.

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Bob Brown on pollie pay rises, Liberal costings audit, ALP conference, Tasmanian forests agreement - 1 Dec 2011

Bob Brown's press conference in Hobart covers the Remuneration Tribunal's consideration for increases to politician salaries, the debates about immigration and gay marriage at the ALP conference, the failure to implement conservation clauses in the Tasmanian forests agreement and the revelation that the Liberal election policies were not audited as the Opposition Leader and Treasury spokesperson had claimed.

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Go Greens! Record result in NZ

Bob Brown 27 Nov 2011

Australian Greens Leader Bob Brown today congratulated the NZ Green Party for the record election outcome.

"I have just spoken to New Zealand Greens co-leaders Russel Norman and Metiria Turei to congratulate them on their stunning election result - 13 or 14 MPs elected," Senator Brown said.

"Go Greens!"

"New Zealanders have also voted with thumping majority in a referendum to keep their fair proportional election system."

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Australian Greens congratulate PNG for women’s rights bill

Australian Greens Leader Bob Brown and Senator Lee Rhiannon congratulate the advocates for women in Papua New Guinea for the years of effort that have paved the way for an amendment to the country's constitution to change the male-dominated Parliament before next year's election.

"The passage this week of the Equality and Participation Bill will mean that a clause can be added into the Constitution to establish women-only seats, taking affirmative action to combat unequal opportunity," Senator Brown said.

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Resignation of Speaker

Bob Brown 24 Nov 2011

"The Australian Greens will convene a special party room meeting this morning to discuss the resignation of the Speaker," Australian Greens Leader Bob Brown said.

"We wish Harry Jenkins all the best in his new role and acknowledge his efforts to uphold the dignity and traditions of the lower house," Senator Brown said.

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Greens welcome Obama and call for parliamentary debate on US military build-up

"The Greens are looking forward to joining the welcome for President Obama," Australian Greens Leader Senator Brown said today.

"It will be so refreshing. Quite different to the visit of George W Bush," Senator Brown said in Hobart.

Senator Brown also called for a parliamentary debate on the build-up of US military personnel, equipment and training in Australia.

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