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Vote Greens in PNG

Australians in PNG begin to cast their votes this week as polling for Australian elections has started in Australia Foreign Missions around the world. The PNG Greens Party in support of the Australian Greens has called for Australians in PNG and the Pacific to vote for Australian Greens.

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High Court decision win for democracy

Bob Brown 6 Aug 2010

Australian Greens Leader Bob Brown has welcomed a High Court ruling that laws to close electoral rolls at 8pm on the day writs for an election are issued as unconstitutional.

Senator Brown said the decision highlighted the need for the Greens in the Senate.

"These laws should never have been passed," said Senator Brown.

"The Howard Government put them through when they had control of both Houses of Parliament, the same composition that allowed them to legislate for WorkChoices.

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Greens back Territory rights

Bob Brown 4 Aug 2010

Greens Leader Bob Brown, in Darwin today, has called on Prime Minister Julia Gillard and Opposition Leader Tony Abbott to end Canberra's ministerial override of laws passed by the Northern Territory Legislative Assembly.

"The Greens have legislation in the Senate to remove the federal executive's power to veto territory laws, including those in the Northern Territory and the ACT. 

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Make election debate real contest: Greens

Bob Brown 3 Aug 2010

Australian Greens leader Bob Brown has called for the establishment of an Independent Election debates commission to ensure three fair debates during election campaigns, with at least one including the leader of the Australian Greens or any other emerging party.

Speaking ahead of a flight to Darwin where he will be campaigning with Greens NT Senate candidate Warren H Williams today, Senator Brown said the Australian public should be allowed to hear directly from the Greens.

"Tony Abbott has called for greater scrutiny of the Greens - here's his chance.

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Greens launch National Election Campaign

Bob Brown 1 Aug 2010

The Australian Greens election campaign was officially launched by Leader Senator Bob Brown today in Canberra.

Senator Brown said the Australian Greens, unlike Labor and the Coalition, offered voters stability, leadership and vision.

"The Greens record in the Senate demonstrates our ability to negotiate and deliver outcomes for the community when the Coalition has said no," said Senator Brown.

"We will continue to pursue innovative policies like High Speed Rail, an idea which the majority of Australians support," said Senator Brown.

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Greens will make Government more open and accountable

Bob Brown 20 Jul 2010

The Australian Greens believe that integrity, accountability and openness in politics are vital to a healthy democracy. While there have been some moves to increase scrutiny and set codes of conduct for the activities inherent in the political process, these changes have been predominantly in the form of policy decisions by governments.

Recent events demonstrate that voluntary codes of conduct and Government regulation are too easily set aside for the sake of political convenience.

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What's YOUR preference?

Bob Brown 19 Jul 2010

On Saturday, 21st August, we're asking people to support the Australian Greens, and after that it is up to them to decide based on what they think of the other parties and their policies.

All political parties must lodge a preference arrangement with the AEC for the Senate. The Greens will have how to vote cards but these are a guide only - your vote is in your hands.

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Greens offer stable leadership, climate change action

“A strong safe crossbench in the Senate” - Brown

“I offer the electorate experienced and stable leadership, and the progressive policies and clear vision for Australia’s future which the big parties are ignoring,” Australian Greens Leader Senator Brown said in Canberra today.

“Moving forward will mean a carbon tax on polluters; bringing home safely Australia’s troops from Afghanistan; a universal dental care scheme; humane treatment of asylum seekers in Australia; protecting our forests and wildlife.”

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Gillard did not discuss preferences with me

Bob Brown 16 Jul 2010

Australian Greens Leader Bob Brown said today:

"The AAP report that Prime Minister Gillard discussed preferences with me yesterday is wrong.

"As I made clear at the press conference today with the AAP journalist concerned, I reported to the PM about discussions on preferences.

"She did not discuss the matter.

"My advice to voters remains to ignore preference deals and put their preferences where they decide for themselves."

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