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Brown launches key Greens candidates for Queensland election

Bob Brown 2 May 2011

Australian Greens Leader Bob Brown today joined Greens Senator-elect Larissa Waters for the launch of Adam Stone and Sandra Bayley as the Greens candidates for Mt Coot-tha and Ashgrove in the upcoming Queensland election.

"More and more Australians are voting for the Greens' positive vision for Australia's future and moving away from the tired old parties," Senator Brown said today in Brisbane.

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Albanese’s hogwash

Greens Leader Bob Brown says federal Labor minister Anthony Albanese has described four Labor members of Marrickville Council as “obsessed with playing political games at the expense of the local community” when he attacks the Greens over the controversial boycott of Israel motion.

“Labor was unanimous on this motion and it was in Anthony Albanese’s own electorate that Labor backed it from the outset. Did he not know his own Labor councillors? That’s hogwash. Every time Mr Albanese throws the book at the Greens he hits Labor,” Senator Brown said.

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PM confirms commitment on leaders debates

Prime Minister Julia Gillard has confirmed her commitment to the Greens to establish a Leaders Debates Commission to regulate debates between party leaders in future election campaigns.

“The Commission will be another reward for voters out of the 2010 election result,” Greens Leader Bob Brown said in Canberra today.

“Hopefully, the Commission will end the past malpractice of Prime Ministers either squibbing or manipulating televised debates in their favour, and the exclusion of third or fourth parties from the debates.”

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Greens take first NSW lower house seat

Bob Brown 2 Apr 2011

Greens Leader Senator Bob Brown has congratulated new NSW Green MP Jamie Parker on his win in the lower house seat of Balmain today.

“I am delighted that Jamie Parker’s powerful and intelligent voice for a fair go will represent Balmain in the new Legislative Assembly. As with Adam Bandt’s win for Melbourne in the House of Representatives, this is historic and breakthrough politics,” Senator Brown said in Hobart.

“Jamie will be a strong voice for Balmain but will also bring an infusion of good new ideas into the parliament for all the Greens voters of NSW.”

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Gillard’s tirade: Brown replies

The centre point of Prime Minister Gillard’s tirade against the Greens, who enabled her to form government, is falsely branding 1.5 million Australian voters as not being driven by their love of family, doing the right thing, or their delight in Australian values.

“Julia has made a second, gratuitous attack on the supporters of her minority government with a demonstrably wrong line of argument that shows divisive rather than uniting leadership,” Australian Greens Leader Bob Brown said today.

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Brandis backs off

A week after being ruled out of order for insulting the (Greens) Speaker of the ACT Legislative Assembly, Shane Rattenbury, Liberal Senator George Brandis has withdrawn the remark and apologised in the Senate this morning.

"It was bad behaviour, in particular because it denigrated the presiding officer of another parliament, not a fellow Senator who has the ability to seek a remedy in the chamber," Greens Leader Bob Brown said today.

"Out of bad behaviour has come a good precedent in terms of Senate procedure," Senator Brown said.

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