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Abbott failing kids' health: Greens

Health Minister Tony Abbott is failing to do his job to improve the health of Australia's children, Greens Leader Bob Brown said today.  
"The study from NSW Cancer Council showing more than 80 per cent of food ads are aimed mainly at children shows that children need to be protected from food advertisments," Senator Brown said.
"It is ridiculous for Tony Abbott to describe the regulation of junk food advertising as 'extensive' on the same day a study has found that fast food companies regularly flout guidelines on TV advertising to children."

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Senate Calls on Howard to Ensure Aboriginal Languages

The Senate has passed, without dissent, a Greens motion that "calls on the Government to ensure the rights of Australia's Indigenous peoples to be educated in their own languages, at least where such languages remain live".

Greens Senator Bob Brown , who moved the motion, said "The Howard Government, which did not oppose this motion, should honour the Senate call by overriding the Northern Territory government's decision to abandon Indigenous language priority in its schools everywhere such languages prevail.

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Computer Meanies Blasted

Greens Senator Bob Brown says that computer meanies on Capital Hill should own up.

On 4 February this year a letter went out to MPs' announcing that used computers from their offices would be given to schools.

Just 5 days later the government crashed. A second note says the schools will miss out because MPs and staff have rebelled and want the 'cheap' computers themselves.

"Bad form," says Greens Senator Bob Brown.

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Restore AYPAC's Funding or Put Onus on MPs to Pay Up - Brown

Bob Brown 19 Jun 1998

If the Government does not immediately reverse Minister Kemp"s decision to abolish funding for the Australian Youth Policy and Action Coalition (AYPAC), individual MPs should be asked to make up the difference from their Federation slush funds, Australian Greens Senator Bob Brown said today.

"AYPAC is being punished for being an effective and fearless advocate for Australia"s young people, by a government which is trying to suppress criticism in the run-up to the election.

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Senate Uncovers Government's $313 million 'Cheat' of Young Adults

"Greens, Labor and Democrat amendments to block the government from treating thousands of students aged between 21 and 25 as non-adults have led to revelations in the Senate that the government planned to save $178 million out of students' pockets", Australian Greens Senator Bob Brown said today.

"What's more. the government plans to save, a further $135 million by classifying thousands of unemployed people between 18 and 21 as dependent non-adults.

In total the government is cheating young Australians out of $313 million.

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Brown Slams Common Youth Allowance Bill

Bob Brown 2 Mar 1998

Greens Flag Major Amendments

On the eve of the debate of the Social Security Legislation Amendment (Youth Allowance) Bill 1997, Australian Greens Senator Bob Brown has warned that this vital youth reform measure is being driven off the rails by a Government handing out money to some rural students at the expense of the unemployed.

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