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Bob Brown and Larissa Waters' press conference about water security and CSG

Australian Greens Leader Bob Brown and mining spokesperson Larissa Waters spoke to reporters in Canberra today about coal seam gas and water security. Other issues included Qantas, mining tax legislation, and Australia's vote against UNESCO's recognition of Palestine as an independent state.

Senator Waters will introduce a bill into the Senate today to protect the nation's water resources from mining, including coal seam gas.

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Senate passes Greens’ motion of concern over Rena oil spill

The Senate today passed a motion moved by Australian Greens Leader Bob Brown that expressed concern over the Rena oil spill in New Zealand.

The motion reads as follows:

That the Senate

(a) requests that the President convey to the people of New Zealand (Aotearoa) the Senate's concerns about the oil spill and other consequences of the stranding of the container carrier ship Rena; and

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Opera House protest sends message to the world for wild forests

Today's Opera House protest for Australia's wild forests shows a courage missing in boardrooms and parliament, Australian Greens Leader Bob Brown said today.

"It sends a message to the world that will be popular. More than 80% of Australians want the destruction of native forests and their wildlife stopped," Senator Brown said.

"The Australian Forest Products Association's claim that Australia's wild forest are logged sustainably is ecological nonsense."

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Brown tackles Ta Ann

After a zero-coverage press conference by Ta Ann critic, British journalist Clare Rewcastle, in Hobart this week, today's Mercury has a lead letter from Ta Ann attacking Australian Greens Leader Bob Brown.

A public forum for Ms Rewcastle at Salamanca Inn last night was filmed throughout by two Ta Ann employees.

"My images of an indigenous man sidelined by a log truck in Sarawak and of an Orangutan are every bit as illustrative of this giant logging company's impacts as generic images used every day in Tasmania's forest debate," Senator Brown said.

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Ta Ann clobbers World Heritage value forests as government hands its agent, Forestry Tasmania, $11.5 million

Dozens of high conservation value Tasmanian forest areas, inside the 430,000 hectares agreed to be protected, are being logged for Malaysian logging corporation Ta Ann, Greens Leader Bob Brown alleged in Hobart today.

"Today, by agreement of Premier Giddings and Prime Minister Gillard, $11.5 million is being handed to Ta Ann's accomplice, Forestry Tasmania, for no better reason than Forestry Tasmania threatened even more destruction if they did not," Senator Brown said.

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Abetz: 'We don’t want the money spent in Tasmania'

Tasmania's lead Liberal Senator Eric Abetz told the Senate today that "we don't want this money spent in Tasmania", rebuffing the Intergovernmental Agreement delivering $276 million of federal money to Tasmania.

The Coalition was debating its own move to delay a vote on Australian Greens Leader Bob Brown's motion:

That the Senate condemns the Coalition for seeking to deny Tasmania $270 million of assistance for forestry transition.

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Brown calls for Forestry Tasmania administrator

Australian Greens Leader Bob Brown says that while he is not privy to the legal or probity issues compelling the Tasmanian Government to hand $11.5 million in federal money to Forestry Tasmania, an administrator should be brought in.

"The very fact that state Labor and Liberals legislated away ministerial responsibility for Forestry Tasmania is now coming back to bite them and the public purse," Senator Brown said.

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