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The Green Dividend - Senator Bob Brown's National Press Club Address

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Ladies and Gentlemen

I acknowledge the traditional owners of the Canberra region and all the Indigenous people of Australia.

This Friday, 1 July, is the 28th anniversary of the High Court judgement which stopped the Franklin Dam. But in the preceding week of 1983, Tasmania recorded the lowest temperatures in history. It snowed heavily to sea level. The bulldozers in the Franklin and Gordon Valley were stopped. So, Mother Nature got into the act ahead of the High Court!

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Australian Greens don’t accept entrenchment of logging in wild forests

Australian Greens Leader Bob Brown says that the anticipated millions of dollars of taxpayers' money for logging companies should not flow if 572,000 hectares of high conservation value forests are not first protected in national parks.

"We will study today's agreement but we will not adopt it if it entrenches Malaysian logging company Ta Ann in our forests until 2042, or sets future forest destruction by industrial logging at levels making protection of the 572,000 hectares impractical," Senator Brown said.


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Federal government says no funding for pulp mill

In Senate question time today, the federal Minister for Forests Joe Ludwig told Greens Leader Bob Brown that no federal money had been sought or offered for Gunns' proposed Tamar Valley pulp mill.

Senator Ludwig said he would seek more information on Senator Brown's concern that the proposed area of Tasmanian high conservation value forests to be protected in the long-awaited forests agreement had been cut from 610,000 hectares to 592,000 and that there are proposals to cut this further in the interests of Malaysian logging company Ta Ann.

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Triabunna tourism hub bid welcomed: Brown

Australian Greens Leader Bob Brown today welcomed news that a consortium of buyers had put a bid in for the Triabunna woodchip mill to establish a new tourism venture.

"Triabunna is the gateway to the east coast and beautiful Maria Island but at the moment the scenery is blighted by the woodchip mill," Senator Brown said in Hobart.

"A tourism venture will provide job certainty for the town's 800 people as well as Tasmania."

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Brown calls for scrutiny of deep seabed mining

Deep seabed mining threatens our oceans and the marine environment of our neighbours, particularly Papua New Guinea where seabed mining experiments are going unchecked, Australian Greens Leader Bob Brown said today.

"The Australian Greens are calling for scrutiny of what deep seabed mining means for the health of our oceans and our own country's natural marine resources and fisheries into the future," Senator Brown said in Hobart after ABC TV's Catalyst program examined deep seabed mining.

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Chile’s dam protesters win Australian backing

The Leader of the Australian Greens, Senator Bob Brown, met with the Chilean Ambassador, His Excellency Pedro Pablo Diaz, yesterday to protest against Chile's plans to place five dams on wild Patagonian rivers for hydroelectricity production.

Senator Brown was jailed for 16 days in 1982-3 for peacefully protesting against plans to dam Tasmania's wild Franklin River (that dam was not built). This week's action follows Australian television coverage of anti-dam protests by tens of thousands of Chileans in Santiago and other cities.

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Brown welcomes "population crisis"

Greens Leader Bob Brown has welcomed Dick Smith's new book venture Dick Smith's Population Crisis launched today in Sydney.

"I'm looking forward to reading it. Dick makes a great contribution to Australian debate about population and resource pressures in this age of consumerism. We may not always agree with him but welcome his courage, commitment and stimulus to get us all thinking about the big issues of the day," Senator Brown said.

"He's right that exponential growth is clearly not sustainable."

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Brown queries use of poisoned corn

The federal Minister for Forestry, Senator Joe Ludwig, was nonplussed when questioned today about piles of corn in a burnt and blackened forestry coup under Tasmania's Mt La Perouse.

Greens Leader Bob Brown said during Senate estimates that he saw corn distributed in piles along a logging road on Saturday. He asked Minister Ludwig if the corn was laced with poison to kill marsupials, including rare and endangered species (eg ringtail possums and wombats).

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Some High Notes, Some Low Notes, but mostly out of tune - 2011-12 Budget

Australian Greens Leader Senator Bob Brown will deliver the Greens' budget reply speech at 8pm on Thursday May 12th. You can watch it live here.

Bob held a press conference, broadcast on Sky News, to discuss various budget measures including the government's misguided tax break for big business.

Australian Greens Leader Senator Bob Brown was interviewed on ABC News Breakfast, where he discussed the Greens' impressions of the 2011-12 federal budget.

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