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Parliament has a duty to protect children from junk food ads

The Australian Greens will introduce new legislation on Monday to protect children from junk food advertising, after the Gillard Government and the Opposition wasted an opportunity earlier this year when they blocked Greens legislation despite public support for the Bill and recommendations from health experts.

"We have a burgeoning health crisis of childhood obesity and need to curb the relentless advertising of unhealthy foods to children," Australian Greens Leader Bob Brown said in Melbourne.

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Historic Senate vote changes climate

The Australian Greens are celebrating the historic Senate vote for world-leading legislation to tackle the global nemesis of climate change.

Australian Greens Leader Bob Brown congratulated Greens Deputy Leader Christine Milne and the Gillard government for giving Australia a real breakthrough in tackling that nemesis of climate change.

"People 50 years, or 500 years, from now will thank us for doing this," Senator Brown said.

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Hitler Youth slur abhorrent: Greens

Bob Brown 3 Nov 2011

The Coalition's dirty politics hit a new low today when Senator Ian McDonald said GetUp was "the Hitler Youth wing of the Greens political movement".

"We call on Mr Abbott to immediately take action to get the Senator to withdraw the comment," Australian Greens Leader Bob Brown said today.

"Senator Macdonald, and Liberal Senator Parry who failed to rule that slur out of order, will both be referred by the Australian Greens to the privileges committee."

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Libs ‘throw in towel’ on carbon debate

In the Senate, the Coalition has thrown in the towel on the carbon debate, Australian Greens Leader Bob Brown said today.

"A line-up of Coalition Senators took all morning to debate the proposal that Greens Senator Penny Wright replace Liberal Senator Gary Humphries as chair of the Legal and Constitutional References Committee," Senator Brown said.

"In a tactical blunder, Opposition Senate Leader Eric Abetz attempted to amend the motion to have a Green replace his own fellow Senator Mary-Jo Fisher as chair of the Environment and Communications Committee.

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Ombudsman ‘assassinated’

Australian Greens Leader Bob Brown says that the ombudsman, a decent man working in the public interest, has been politically assassinated.

"The Government went after this good man, egged on by the Liberals. His ‘crime' was to supply non-political questions - rather than answers - to Greens Senator Sarah Hanson-Young, as a means of getting information on the public record," Senator Brown said in Brisbane.

"This unfair, nasty outcome shows that an apology for a mistake, far from being encouraged as part of political life in Canberra, will seal your fate."

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