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Abbott wrong on junk food ban - Brown

Bob Brown 16 May 2007

Minister Abbott is wrong when he says that banning junk food advertising is not the answer to childhood obesity, Greens leader Bob Brown said today.
"Mr Abbott is quite prepared to turn a deaf ear to more than 86% of Australian parents who want a complete ban on junk food when their kids are watching television, because he only has ears for the big food corporations who are the sole beneficiaries of this targeted marketing of their products," Senator Brown said.

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Childhood obesity must be tackled urgently – Greens

Bob Brown 7 May 2007

The Greens today called for federal funding for measures to tackle childhood obesity in tomorrow's budget, following the release of shocking new research by the Menzies Research Institute in Hobart.
"The quickest and cheapest action is for the government to back the Greens' ban on junk food advertising aimed at children. That would cost the government nothing," Senator Brown said.
"The next step would be positive advertising for healthy eating, promoted by the government."

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Greens call for $3b insurance rebates to go to indigenous and dental care

The $3billion federal funding on health insurance should be diverted to indigenous health and a national dental healthcare strategy, Greens Leader Bob Brown said today.
"The Australian Health Review report shows taxpayers get very poor value propping up private health schemes," Senator Brown said.
"The $3billion could make a real dent in the appalling health indices for Australian indigenous people, who die 17 years earlier than their fellow Australians but have less spent on their health needs.

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All parties should co-operate in fight against drugs – Greens

Bob Brown 23 Apr 2007

"All the parties agree that a combination of education for parents and the public, greater access to health care and rehabilitation for drug users and strong
penalties for drug dealers is the best way to minimise illicit drug use in the Australian community," Senator Brown said.
"The alarming statistics that one in ten Australians have tried 'ice' and close to 75,000 people are addicted to methamphetamines including 'ice', means it is time all parties stopped playing politics with drugs and worked together to tackle the problem."

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Family First goes softer on drugs- "zero tolerance" policy ditched

Bob Brown 16 Apr 2007

Faced with the harsh reality of Australia's drug abuse problems, Family First has taken a giant step to lining up with the Greens by dropping its 'zero tolerance'.
"The extreme Family First has had a reality check. Its 2007 policy that "Australia's response to illegal drugs and health in general should primarily be preventative through educating the public as well as supporting rehabilitation services" is an admission its zero tolerance policy was stupid," Greens leader Bob Brown said today.

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Brown backs Rudd plan to tackle 'ice' problem

Bob Brown 15 Apr 2007

Greens leader Bob Brown is backing Kevin Rudd's 3 point plan to tackle the problem of drug abuse, specifically methamphetamine or 'ice'.
Speaking in Hobart today Senator Brown said that while much more needed to be done, Rudd's proposal ought to be taken up by the government.
"There should be much more cooperation across the political spectrum on this issue. This problem is affecting all Australians and it is not a matter for partisan politics."

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Greens welcome Howard's "ice" $150 million

Bob Brown 2 Apr 2007

Greens leader Bob Brown has today welcomed the Howard government's $150 million plan to tackle drug abuse, concentrating on the scourge of crystalline methamphetamine, or 'ice', drug abuse.
"Eighty million of this $150 million will go to non-government organisations for drug and alcohol rehabilitation centres with an emphasis on treating 'ice' addicts. The aim to educate parents and youth about the dangers of drug abuse, in particular 'ice', is very welcome," Senator Brown said.

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Greens put Australians' dental care high on the health agenda

Bob Brown 20 Mar 2007

Greens leader Senator Bob Brown this morning addressed the Oral Health Alliance forum at Parliament House. Speaking to over 80 dental heath professionals, academics and dental care non government organisations, Senator Brown said that the Greens will reinstate a fully funded proactive school dental programme, providing dollar for dollar support to the states.

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Brown calls for conscience vote on Greens' voluntary euthanasia bill

Greens Leader Bob Brown today called for a conscience vote on his voluntary euthanasia private members' bill, which will be introduced into the Senate this week. Senator Brown's Australian Territories Rights of the Terminally Ill Bill 2007 would legalise voluntary euthanasia for the terminally ill living in the Commonwealth territories, and provide protection against the possibility of abuse of the rights recognised by the Act.  
"I have written to the Prime Minister and the Leader of the Opposition seeking a conscience vote on voluntary euthanasia," Senator Brown said.

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