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World Heritage Antarctica: new book illustrates icy splendour

The greatest natural heritage property left on planet Earth is being denied its rightful place on the list of World Heritage properties, Australian Greens Senator for Tasmania Bob Brown said today.

In Melbourne to launch polar adventurer David Neilson's book Southern Light: Images from Antarctica, the former Greens Leader called on the Antarctic Treaty 50 member nations meeting in Hobart to give priority to according Antarctic World Heritage status.

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Greens Congratulate Sea Shepherd, Condemn Government on Whaling

The Australian Greens have congratulated Sea Shepherd for helping end this year's whaling season but condemned the Australian Government for their lack of action.

 "Firstly, congratulations to Paul Watson and the Sea Shepherd crews who have single-handedly  saved an estimated 600 or more whales while the Australian and New Zealand Governments did nothing," Greens Leader Bob Brown said today

 "267 whales dead is 267 too many and they would not have been killed if Australia's Minister for the Environment Tony Burke had taken an injunction in the world court and succeeded.

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Carr challenged on Antarctic environment

Australian Greens Leader Senator Bob Brown has welcomed news of putative Foreign Minister Bob Carr’s intention to visit New Zealand.

Senator Brown called on Mr Carr to advance on recent talks Senator Brown held with former Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd to seek the Key Government’s backing for a World Heritage nomination for Antarctica.

“I expect Mr Carr might also use his environmental credentials to promote the kiwi plan for a 3.6m square kilometre marine national park off Australia’s Ross Sea ice shelf, “ Senator Brown said

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Bob Brown and Larissa Waters press conference about the Great Barrier Reef, mining magnates, the media inquiry and Cabinet - 2 March 2012

Australian Greens Leader Bob Brown and Senator for Queensland Larissa Waters spoke to reporters in Canberra today about the government's support for making the Great Barrier reef a rubbish dump and called for action in the public interest from the media inquiry report due out today.

The looming Cabinet reshuffle, including hopes for an effective environment minister, and the need to inform the public about the power of lobbyists were among other topics discussed.

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Greens throw support behind Gladstone community


Australian Greens Leader Bob Brown joined Greens Senator for Queensland Larissa Waters in Gladstone today to see the environmental crisis in the harbour firsthand and listen to the concerns of the Gladstone community.


"I am very pleased to be back here, getting a firsthand account from Queensland's most engaged Senator, Larissa Waters. A vote for either of the old parties is a vote for this mess," Senator Brown said.


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Greens call for Gillard injunction on whaling

Australian Greens Leader Bob Brown has called for the Gillard government to seek an injunction in the United States to stop the Japanese whaling slaughter currently underway in Antarctic waters.

A Seattle district court has thrown out an application by Japan for a preliminary injunction to stop Sea Shepherd's anti-whaling campaign. If the case goes to trial the court will hear evidence on the legality or otherwise of whaling.

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Senator Bob Brown press conference - Greens to legislate for $1 pokies reform; patrol vessels needed as whalers hunt - 22 January 2012

Australian Greens Leader Bob Brown, speaking to journalists in Hobart today, expressed his disappointment at the government's cave-in on pokies and outlined the Greens' legislation to be introduced when parliament resumes, opening up an avenue for reform and help for those addicted to gambling.

Senator Brown reminded the Prime Minister of his very clear message about her very public commitment to protect Tasmania's majestic forests.

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Urgent need for patrol vessel: Brown

Today brings further evidence of the need for Australia to send a patrol boat to the Southern Ocean to monitor Japanese whalers, Australian Greens Leader Bob Brown said.

"News of the assault on Sea Shepherd crew members again points to the urgent need for an Australian patrol vessel to be on site," Senator Brown said in Hobart.

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Senator Bob Brown press conference - 13 January, 2012 on Tasmanian forests conservation agreement, Japanese whaling ships

Australian Greens Leader Senator Bob Brown responds to news that government has signed a "conservation agreement" that will destroy an area of Tasmanian forests that is equivalent to more than 1000 MCGs. He also announces that he has written to the Attorney-General to request an investigation into the Japanese whaling ships that were in the Australian whaling sanctuary this week.

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