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Government votes down Hicks motion in Senate

Labor today joined the Greens and Democrats to support Greens Leader Bob Brown's motion calling on the government to close Guantanamo Bay and ensure that Australian David Hicks receives a fair trial. The motion was rejected 34 Noes, 28 Ayes.
"The Howard government has left David Hicks, an Australian citizen, to rot in Guantanamo Bay for four years. No other government in the world has abandoned its citizens to this illegal system. John Howard alone remains subservient to the Bush administration in this matter," Senator Brown said.

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Poll shows Vanstone on wrong tack, say Greens

 Today's Newspoll showing that three quarters of Australians disagree with changes to our immigration laws should make the government change tack, Greens Leader Bob Brown said today.
"The widespread public opposition to these laws is because they are shaped to appease Jakarta and specifically aimed against West Papuans fleeing to Australia. The laws are racist and indecent," Senator Brown said.

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Close Guantanamo torture centre – Greens

The suicide of three Guantanamo Bay inmates endorses the torture and inhumanity of the prison which must be closed, Greens Leader Bob Brown said today.
"This illegal torture centre echoes the Middle Ages. It is a blight in modern civilisation. The description of the suicides 'as an act of war' by the military commander itself shows psychiatric aberrations if measured against ordinary human compassion. It is not Christian," Senator Brown said.

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Hicks' torture uncivilised – Brown

The torture of Australian Guantanamo Bay inmate David Hicks, as outlined in The Monthly magazine cover article by US academic Alfred W McCoy, is frightening and horrifying, Greens Leader Bob Brown said today.
"The only thing that may be more frightening than the gross mental torture of Hicks and other Guantanamo inmates is the Australian government's complicity," Senator Brown said.

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John Howard Embraces Pauline Hanson's Foreign Policy

Today's announcement that the Government is reviewing our involvement in the

UN treaty process shows that Cabinet is embracing Pauline Hanson's foreign

policy, Greens Senator Bob brown said today.

"While John Howard pursues trade liberalisation his Government is seeking to

lift up the human rights and environment draw bridge," Senator Brown said in

Devonport this afternoon.

"Australia is getting closer and closer to Beijing in seeking trade

liberalisation but avoiding human rights and the environmental


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Greens Reject Zero-net Immigration

Greens Victorian Senate Candidate Charmaine Clarke today launched the Australian Greens immigration and population policies in Melbourne with ethnic Green candidates.

"The Greens are putting forward a humanitarian and far sighted immigration policy that celebrates Australia"s migrant identity," said Ms Clarke

"In a year when immigration has been such a controversial issue the Greens are championing the rights of migrants. The Greens believe that the presence in Australia of people of many cultural backgrounds enriches our society.

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Poll Shows Greens Set to Win 3-5 Senate Seats

Coalition must rule out Preferencing One Nation in the Senate

Greens Senator Bob Brown says today"s Morgan-Bulletin poll of Senate voting intentions is a huge boost to the Greens chances at the looming election.

"The poll shows that the Greens are set to win seats for the first time in one or more of the big eastern seaboard states of Victoria, Queensland and NSW," said Senator Brown.

"On these figures we would even be in with a chance in South Australia, traditionally the Greens weakest state.

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'Put One Nation Last' Protests

The Greens are sponsoring community "Put One National Last" protests on

Sunday, June 7, 1998.


11am, Rally starts King George Square.


11.30 am Queensland Travel Centre 156 Castlereagh St, City.


11am, Wall of Friendship Garden, 188 Collins St, City

Speakers from various community groups threatened by the policies of One Nation will address the protests in each state.

Greens Senator Bob Brown will address the rally in Brisbane.

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