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Jordan River project should be altered

Greens Leader Bob Brown, who visited the Aboriginal campsite by the Jordan River this morning, says the proposed bridge and smothering earthworks should be stopped while prudent and feasible options are considered.

"The Commonwealth should not pay the cheque until a win-win option is adopted. The crossing should be rerouted," Senator Brown said.

"Failing that, a single-span bridge over the Jordan without further earthworks compacting the western side of the site, should be a last resort option.

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Brown moves to reduce plastic bag use

Bob Brown 22 Nov 2010

Australian Greens Leader Bob Brown has introduced legislation into the Senate for the introduction of a 25c levy on plastic bags at retail outlets in an effort to reduce their use.

Senator Brown said the bill gives national follow-through to several states and territories in banning plastic bags.

"Close to 4 billion bags enter Australia's environment every year - and many end up injuring or killing dolphins, whales, seabirds and land-based mammals," Senator Brown said.

"This is popular legislation and it's time the big parties passed it," Senator Brown said.

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Libs, Labor dropped by federal colleagues

Bob Brown 17 Nov 2010

A senate motion congratulating the Tasmanian Parliament on its cross-party decision to ban non-biodegradable plastic bags was voted down by Labor and the Liberals in the Senate this afternoon. The motion reads that the Senate:

1. Recognises the damage to our marine species caused by discarded non-biodegradable plastic bags. 

2. Congratulates the Tasmanian Parliament on its decision to ban non-biodegradable plastic bags throughout the state.

3. Urges states that are yet to ban non-biodegradable plastic bags to adopt this sensible waste management practice.

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Greens launch Brisbane light rail push

Australian Greens Leader Bob Brown today launched a new plan to link Brisbane's suburbs with light rail.

The Greens are campaigning for better public transport planning and light rail networks and upgrades across the country. 

Announcing the plan with Queensland Senate candidate Larissa Waters, Senator Brown said the Greens would push in the Senate for greater federal funding of public transport.

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Greens act for national water efficiency plan

In the Senate the Australian Greens will move to introduce national mandatory water efficiency standards for residential and commercial buildings after the federal election.

Australian Greens Leader Bob Brown will announce the new plan to help Australian cities plan for and cope with a water-restricted future at the sustainable 60L Building in Melbourne today with Victorian Senate candidate Dr. Richard Di Natale.

"Despite many Australians' hard work reducing their water use, Australia still has the highest per capita water-use in the world," said Senator Brown.

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Labor, in reverse, adopts Greens high speed rail proposal

Within months of voting down a Greens Senate proposal for a study into High Speed Rial between Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne, Labor has done an about turn and adopted the Greens proposal.

Greens Leader Bob Brown who has been vigorously advocating High Speed Rail throughout the election campaign, is delighted with Labor's back flip.

"However the first phase should be between Sydney and Melbourne (including Canberra), the world's third busiest air route, Senator Brown said.

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Light rail Green light

The Greens have launched an ambitious plan to give the national capital a state-of-the-art light rail system, and called for better public transport planning across the country.

"Access to efficient public transport would make a huge difference to millions of Australians daily lives," said Australian Greens leader Senator Bob Brown.

"But public transport is severely lacking for many suburbs in all our capital cities.

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Promote small business tax cut, high speed rail – Brown advises Rudd over mining boom tax

The Rudd government should sell better the huge dividend from the mining boom tax to the Australian public who will benefit from it, Australian Greens Leader Bob Brown said in Hobart today.

"Unfortunately, the large section of the Australian populace who has so much to gain from a minerals tax is not getting the message. For example, small business needs to know it will not get a 2 percent tax reduction if the big mining corporations win and the mining boom tax is dropped," Senator Brown said.

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