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Where there's a mill...

Plans to build a pulp mill in Tasmania put forests and wildlife under threat, but that doesn't seem to bother the Australian government.Tasmania's wild Franklin river flows free to the sea today, attracting hundreds of thousands of tourists every year and providing more jobs than the Franklin dam ever would have.

In 1982, with $67m already spent on constructing the proposed Franklin dam, it looked like the river would be lost forever. The enormous pubic concern, backed by the high court, prevailed and the dam was abandoned.

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Pulp mill will cost clean, green jobs

THE Australian Greens, Prime Minister John Howard, Tasmanian Premier Paul Lennon and federal Opposition Leader Kevin Rudd all agree that Gunns' proposed pulp mill must meet "world's best practice" environmental standards.

Lennon says: "A world-class pulp mill that meets tough environmental standards will make (the Tasmanian) economy much stronger."

Federal Labor's environment spokesman Peter Garrett says he supports a "world-class, best environment standards pulp mill".

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Pulp Mill Motion 10 September 2007

Motion by Senator Brown: That the Senate- (a) calls on the Government to ensure that, in the spirit of the open market, no subsidies, payments or escape of taxes or payments be given to the Gunns Limited's proposed pulp mill in Tasmania; and (b) prefers that if taxpayer support for business is available it go to non-polluting, clean, green and environmentally-sustainable business. For Senate division results, see attached pdf. Only the Greens supported this motion.

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Pulp mill: Turnbull set to steal march on Rudd, Garrett – Brown

Monday, 27 August 2007
Pulp mill:

Turnbull set to steal march on Rudd, Garrett – Brown
Environment Minister Malcolm Turnbull's 'grave concerns' about Gunns' Tamar Valley pulp mill proposal are in stark contrast to shadow Minister Peter Garrett's acquiescence on the issue, Greens Leader Bob Brown said in Hobart today.
"Peter has said that the mill will have to meet 'world's best environmental standards' but must know that it will not," Senator Brown said.

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Big banks the big winners in Labor's housing policy

Bob Brown 13 Aug 2007

Opposition Leader Kevin Rudd's announcement of a $6,000 subsidy to institutional investors who build houses will deliver more money to the big investors than it will to the low income renters, Greens Leader, Senator Bob Brown said today.
"What we have here is the Labor party spending $6,000 to deliver rental savings of less than half that amount," Senator Brown said.

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Brown welcomes Rudd's hybrid

Labor leader Kevin Rudd's promise to swap to a hybrid car is welcome catch-up, Greens Leader Bob Brown said today.
All four Greens senators have hybrid cars and, previously, Senator Brown had LPG (gas) powered cars.
"And we welcome Queensland Premier Peter Beattie's plan to charge higher registration fees for gas guzzlers, a move the Greens have advocated for a decade," Senator Brown said.

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Federal budget should give extra to schools, hospital and housing, not Gunns – Brown

Prime Minister Howard, who committed an extra $65 million to Gunns' pulp mill in last May's budget, should commit an extra $65 million to the people of northern Tasmania in next week's federal budget, Greens Leader Bob Brown said in Launceston this morning.
"Sixty-five million dollars will go a long way for public education, health and housing in northern Tasmania," Senator Brown said.

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Circular Head Greens meeting well attended

More than 50 people attended a meeting at Stanley Town Hall last night to hear national Greens leader, Senator Bob Brown talk about issues of the day affecting Tasmania, the nation and the world.
Senator Brown called for World Heritage listing of the Tarkine rainforest and wilderness region, saying that the long term job and income prospects from world attention on the Tarkine will be of much greater benefit than continued logging to export it as woodchips to Japan.
Senator Brown said a proposed 'tourist' road should be kept log truck free.

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