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"Howard has been 'foolish indeed'" – Greens

In a speech stunningly devoid of any description of the impact of climate change on Australia's environment, cities, agriculture or economic wellbeing, Prime Minister Howard today put off real action for at least another five years.
"John Howard simply doesn't understand climate change," Greens Leader Bob Brown said today.
"His comment that it would be 'foolish indeed' to ignore the evidence on climate change condemns his own foolishness for the past 11 years in failing to tackle climate change."

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Brown gets popcorn ready for ABC's climate sceptic show

Greens leader Bob Brown says he will be sitting ready with a bowl of organic popcorn when the ABC screens the "The Great Global Warming Swindle" in July.
'It's a repeat of Neville Chamberlain's "Peace in our time" speech in 1938. This show is in that Chamberlain tradition, when he claimed that Hitler was a peacemaker not a warmonger – this show claims that global warming is due to solar eccentricity not human stupidity. And it is simply as wrong as Chamberlain was.
Further information: Ebony Bennett 0409 164 603

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711,000 Australian homes and priceless coastal ecosystems at risk

The Australian Greens say the Howard Government should implement essential structural changes to Australia's economy in response to the findings of the UN IPCC report released in Brussels last night - or step aside.

"This is a self-made crisis, unprecedented in global human history, and it requires intelligent behavioural change beyond the capability of our current leaders," Greens leader Senator Brown said.

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Greens say PM's 'clean coal' will cause huge job losses

The transition to 'clean coal', advocated by Prime Minister Howard, will cause huge job losses and economic dislocation the Greens said today.  
Last week, Greens Leader Bob Brown called for three years to be taken to plan a transition from coal exports and to reduce emissions in Australia. This was rejected by Mr Howard.
Echoing comments by Australian of the Year Professor Tim Flannery yesterday, Senator Brown and Greens Energy spokesperson Senator Christine Milne said 'clean coal' technology cannot be used to convert Australia's existing 35 power stations.

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Campbell's blunder chills climate

Australian Environment Minister Ian Campbell's blunder at climate change talks in Nairobi has seriously chilled relationships with China and India, Greens Energy Spokesperson Christine Milne said today.
Senator Milne, who is in Nairobi, said that Senator Campbell's statement that China was destined to become the world's biggest polluter had sent a chill through the meeting. The Chinese delegation diplomatically responded by listing the nation's renewable energy and fuel efficiency targets and other measures which are way ahead of Howard government thinking.

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'New Kyoto' plan shows govt ignorance - Brown

It is clear from Treasurer Peter Costello's interview on Lateline last night that the government is ignorant of the Kyoto process, Greens Leader Bob Brown said today.
 "What the government is proposing with 'New Kyoto' is in fact exactly the same as the Kyoto protocol as it now stands. New Kyoto is a furphy," said Senator Brown.

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Indo pact fails climate change – Brown

Australia's new pact with Indonesia fails to mention, let alone highlight, the importance of energy security and climate change, Greens Leader Bob Brown said today.
"The government's disarray is on full show as Mr Downer flies to Lombok for a treaty ignoring climate change and Mr Howard flies to Hanoi claiming he'll make climate change the issue for the region."

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