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Campbell's anti-environment bill to be fast-tracked

"The Minister for the Environment's bill to emasculate key safeguards in the Environment, Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act (EPBC) is to be fast tracked. And this nation's environment laws will continue to totally ignore climate change," Greens Leader Bob Brown said today.  
"The EPBC amendment bill ignores calls to include a trigger for greenhouse gas emissions, a requirement that the minister vet proposals which may accelerate global warming," Senator Brown said.
"But today, the Minister moved to fast-track the bill in 2 weeks' time."

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Climate change feeding higher interest rates – Greens

In his statement today on monetary policy Reserve Bank Governor Glenn Stevens confirmed that the RBA has "taken careful note of the likely economic effects of drought". The current drought and reduced rainfall patterns, are exacerbated by climate change.
"Climate change is going to drive up the costs of food, the costs of fuel and the costs of water. The Howard Government likes to talk about its record on fighting inflation, yet it has failed to tackle the number one long run cause of increased cost of living in Australia," said Greens Leader, Senator Bob Brown.

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Greens to bring in climate change bill

"Nuclear not the answer" Brown tells Sydney rally
The Greens will introduce a climate change remedy bill to the Senate, setting a timetable and targets for greenhouse gas emissions, Greens Leader Bob Brown said in Sydney today.  Senator Brown joined thousands of people at the city's Walk Against Warming.
This will be the Greens' fourth climate change bill in a decade.

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Bracks, Howard hijack forests – Brown

"Every day of the week Victoria's high-conservation value forests are being hijacked by the Bracks government," Greens Leader Bob Brown said in Melbourne today, "And the con is, Howard government subsidies."
Senator Brown said the peaceful protests by young people who held up a forest hearse on its way to a woodchip wharf this morning, represent majority public opinion.

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48.1% think Greens best climate change managers

A Morgan Poll survey reveals that 48.1% of Australians see the Greens as the best party to govern Australia's response to climate change.  
The poll of 11,000 Australians, taken between July 2005  and June 2006, asks:
Thinking about the next federal election. Which party, or parties, do you think would be better for each of the following issues?
"Almost one in two Australians responded that the Greens are best party to handle climate change, while only 18% selected the Coalition on climate change," Senator Brown said.

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10 climate crimes

The Howard Policy Agenda 1996 to 2006
Over the last 10 years the Howard government has repeatedly pushed climate change policy in the wrong direction. The economics of climate change are straight forward, we need to charge polluters for their emissions and give people and companies incentives to increase efficiency. The politics of climate change, however, has encouraged the Howard Government to spend billions of dollars pushing the economy in the wrong direction. The biggest mistakes of the last decade are:

Perverse policy measure

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Greens call on Howard to set up climate change ministry

"The transition to a low carbon economy will open up exciting business opportunities" – Stern
The Australian Greens today called on Prime Minister John Howard to get his head out of the sand and adopt recommendations of Britain's Stern Review on the economics of climate change.
"Australia should have a Minister for Climate Change to coordinate the economic, social and environmental changes needed for the nation to move with the global reaction on climate change," Greens Leader Senator Bob Brown said.

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Regime change the best way to tackle climate change – Brown

Greens Leader Bob Brown today said that Australia should begin the task of tackling climate change with government change.
"The Howard government has had its head in the sand for 10 years. Now the Prime Minister wants nuclear power – a dangerous, third-rate option which comes with a package including waste-dumps, increased terror risks and the attendant threat of nuclear weapons technology. Nuclear can produce only a fraction of the electricity much more quickly and cheaply available from energy efficiency," Senator Brown said.

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Drought is 'Howard-enhanced' – Greens

The disastrous drought is Howard-enhanced, Greens Leader Bob Brown said today.  
"No national leader has had a better box seat to take a world lead against climate change in the last decade. But Prime Minister Howard has scorned the science, ramped up coal burning and starved fantastic renewable energy science of funds in Australia. No comparable leader is more responsible for the effects of climate change damaging Australia's prospects," Senator Brown said.

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European heatwave adds to global heating impact

The European heatwave, along with falling rainfall in southern Australia and Hurricane Katrina in the US, is part of growing evidence that global heating is already having an impact on society, economies and the global environment, Greens Leader Bob Brown said today.  
"The impact of global heating will not simply be on the environment – it will involve huge social dislocation and economic costs. Prime Minister Howard's head in the sand on this massive climatic change, generated by human activity and worsened by political inactivity, is unacceptable," said Senator Brown.

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