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International Aid and Global Justice

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Greens welcome Obama and call for parliamentary debate on US military build-up

"The Greens are looking forward to joining the welcome for President Obama," Australian Greens Leader Senator Brown said today.

"It will be so refreshing. Quite different to the visit of George W Bush," Senator Brown said in Hobart.

Senator Brown also called for a parliamentary debate on the build-up of US military personnel, equipment and training in Australia.

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Bring Australian soldiers home safely from Afghanistan

Greens Leader Bob Brown today joined all Australians in wishing the injured soldiers a speedy recovery and urged the Gillard government to bring Australian troops home safely from Afghanistan.

"Unlike the Government or the Opposition, the Greens continue to call for Australian Defence Force personnel in Afghanistan to be brought home safely as soon as possible. A debate will be held in both houses of parliament on 21 November and we will be strongly putting that point of view," Senator Brown said.

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Pakistan disaster calls for more aid: Brown

The massive flood disaster in Pakistan warrants more response from the Labor and Coalition leaders, Greens Leader Bob Brown said in Adelaide today.

"The United Nations is calling for up to $1 billion in assistance for the 20 million affected Pakistanis, 300,000 of whom now face a cholera epidemic, but so far the Australian Government has donated $10 million," said Senator Brown.

"Last night it was revealed that the US has 19 helicopters assisting rescue and food delivery to the 20 million. 

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Greens welcome Coalition call for Minister for Foreign Aid

Australian Greens Leader Bob Brown welcomed the Coalition's announcement of a Minister for International Development today. 

"I announced that the Greens would move for a Minister for Overseas Aid and International Development in my National Press Club Speech in July," said Senator Brown.

The Greens support an Australian Development Aid contribution of 0.7% of GNI by 2012, in line with the United Nations goal for developed countries.

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